Mission Critical must have for Custom Home Builders

Your  High Net Worth Clients need Military Grade Cybersecurity...

You only have to watch the news to see that many companies and high net worth individuals are now being targeted by nefarious individuals and organizations to hold them hostage for their data and penetrate their networks. Now that Work from Home is more common, it is imperative that you offer high end cyber protection and monitoring just like their physical security when designing and building their custom home.

Peaceful Home

Design with Cybersecurity in mind

Cybersecurity has become a must have utility for the home builder to provide just like any other appliance to be added as an upgrade.


introducing Centurion by CyberPrivacy.today

-Military Grade Cybersecurity for the Custom Home

-3 levels of protection including 24/7/365 Monitoring  Service Available

-Access Point Segmentation for better threat protection monitoring

-Added appliance/ utility upgrade enhancement feature that is preconfigured for easy plug and play install, we do the support and install

-Shipped, Installed, and Monitored by our technical experts