Custom App Development

Application Development Services

Chances are, pre-packaged solutions must be customized in order to truly be a benefit to your company, or what you implement today will be obsolete before it’s fully amortized. In the interim, it will likely not meet your enterprise goals, and can be very costly in the long run. Ignite-AI’s highly collaborative approach to custom application development services emphasize hands-on interaction. Our team members visit your organization, meet in person, and talk to your end-users. This level of customer service is the foundation of ignite-AI’s custom application development services, and we find this to be integral in what we do.

At Ignite-AI, we offer diverse industry experience in custom application development, bringing ideas from different fields that can be tailored to your exact needs. We examine open-source alternatives in order to lower your cost of ownership, while also offering scalability to accommodate growth and facilitate emerging technologies.

We believe that near shoring/on shoring offers cost effective ways for startups to preserve their capital and right size your staff for your future growth.

Not all nearshore companies are the same. At Ignite-AI, we seek long-term partnerships with our clients. We always start with a business conversation about your overall objectives, and the project's purpose. Our world-class teams offer the collective wisdom gained through decades of building relationships, and helping businesses accelerate growth.

Leveraging Business Process Improvement- Customized App Development, Legacy Integration, Enterprise Application Customizations

Delivery Team
An expert autonomous team, typically composed of a PM, SW engineers, QA engineers and other roles,
capable of rapidly and efficiently delivering end-to-end technology solutions and value.
Management is conducted jointly by a Scrum Master, Project Manager and your Product Owner. Everyone interacts as often as needed
in order to ensure optimal results at delivery time.
Extended Team
IT Staff augmentation provides hourly and/or part-time software engineers to support your in-house team’s software development outsourcing cycle as needed. This avoids lengthy sourcing and recruiting processes and facilitates hiring highly-demanded roles that may be needed on a short-time basis

1300+ bilingual Top IT professionals.
- Our engineers have experience with 50+ software and programming languages.
-We have a large presence across North America, Europe and Latin America.
-1250+ successful projects executed.
- We offer software outsourcing for the full software development lifecycle
- Our teams operate under a Design Thinking mindset, fostering innovation and efficiency in all of our processes.
Solid Delivery
- 96% client retention rate.
-90% of our clients rate us as 8/10 or higher.
-We deliver on time, on spec, and within budget. We work on a vast range of projects with one constant: we always provide value.