CMMC Cybersecurity

Government rules and regulations are designed to protect you, your customers and our homeland, but their complexities can make compliance a confusing and daunting process. Our experienced team is well-versed in government compliance and can support your business’s software security needs while distilling both the assessment and solution into easy-to-understand concepts and terms.

While you may already have firewall protections to keep you and your information somewhat safe, standard firewall protections won’t be enough to pass Federal regulation requirements. Ignite-AI can provide a comprehensive cybersecurity plan that’s right for you. Our solutions include everything you need to comply with Federal regulations, such as:

a complete Business Continuity Plan with over-arching goals and policies

a Disaster Recovery Plan and the Security Controls

a complete identification of risks, vulnerabilities and threats

step-by-step procedures

continuous monitoring and improvement


Our compliance group is comprised of project managers and specialists with decades of experience in meeting government regulations. We also work with experts in the field, including the authors of CyberSecurity regulations, such as CMMC, NIST 800-171 and DFARS. 


The Government compliance we specialize in:


NIST 800-171



NIST SP 800-37 - Risk Management Framework (RMF)

NIST SP 800-12 - Introduction to Information Security

NIST SP 800-30 - Conducting Risk Assessments, planning, preparation

NIST SP 800-39 - Managing Information Security Risk

NIST SP 800-60 - Mapping Information Systems to Security Categories

NIST SP 800-50 - Security Awareness Training

NIST SP 800-34 - Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery

NIST SP 800-122 - Protecting PII

NIST SP 800-137 - Continuous Monitoring

NIST SP 800-115 - Guide to Information Security Testing

NIST SP 800-64 - Security Considerations in the Information System Development Life Cycle

NIST 800-171

NIST 800-53

NIST SP 800-18 - Guide to Developing Security Plans for Federal Information Technology Systems


FIPS 199 & 200


Data Privacy