Gov. Contract Services

Government Contract Consulting


Ignite-AI is made up of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds; our Government Contract Consulting services are overseen by an experienced attorney, manager, and corporate executive with experience in federal government contracting, construction, and support services.

Familiar with the FAR, FAR supplements, and other federal requirements, Colorado’s procurement code as well as local procurement procedures.


Ignite-AI can assist in business development and providing executive/operational management expertise.  We take pride in our ability to quickly identify critical issues and in establishing the means/methods to address them effectively and strategically.  Often, we implement innovative processes that result in growth, qualitatively and quantitatively.


We can assist small and large business, in their pursuit of government contracts and in resolving issues/disputes with government agencies.  We can assist in developing policies, procedures, and training manuals that focus on government contracts/project management.


Our staff and resources have years of experience in government construction contacting, contract administration, contract/project management, and logistics/schedule/resource management.  Ignite-AI recommendations and written projects are delivered in concise, well organized, detail oriented, analytical, and practical format.