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Law Enforcement, Powered and Protected

We understand the challenges the law enforcement community is facing, especially in the hiring and monitoring process. The fact is, many departments and federal agencies are using outdated techniques and technology to attract and retain qualified officers and agents.

But Ignite-AI is here to help. As an industry leader in workforce solutions, we want to support you with artificial intelligence technology that will help you hire the right people, save money, and preserve your hard-earned reputation.

We Proudly Serve Law Enforcement Professionals

Police Departments  |  Sheriff’s Offices  |  State Police  |  Tribal Police  |  Campus Police

Airport Police  |  Private Investigators  |  And More!

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Reduce application to hire by


Our Tools for Your Success

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Investigation Automation

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Background Unit Management

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National Applicant Data Repository

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Social Media & Online Presence Analysis

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Tracking Emotional State

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Secure & Compliant Services

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Investigation Automation

We work hand-in-hand with experienced background investigators across the nation while our software solution removes the administrative burden of the investigation, allowing background investigators to focus on their applicant’s suitability to represent their department.

Investigation Checklist

Conveniently track completed areas of each investigation so nothing is missed.

Report Generation

Use template libraries and editors to easily generate accurate, online final reports.

Online Application

Applicants answer online questions  while the software organizes the data.

Reference Checks

Email multiple custom online forms for reference checks with a single click.

Document Management

Store investigation related documents digitally within the applicant's electronic file.

Local Record Checks

Easily send digital faxes to agencies where the applicant has spent significant time.

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Background Unit Management

Our developed features allow for easy management of background unit personnel, applicants assigned to background investigators, monitoring investigation progress, and more.​

Monitor Progress

Monitor the progress of any investigation in real time as performed by any user.

Approval Routing

Configure and utilize custom chain-of-command sign-offs to finalize applicants.

Investigator Assignments

Assign applicants to investigators and view  background completion progress.

Custom Forms & More

Create your own online forms and manage a centralized document library.

Personnel Management

Add or remove investigators, supervisors, or staff users as needed.

Agency Reports

Real-time data such as total active investigations and demographic reports.

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National Applicant Data Repository

For the first time ever, a centralized data repository stores an applicant’s job-seeking activity – such as agencies they’ve applied to, and gives investigators access to a complete record of all applicant answers provided to any agency in the data repository.

Application Activity

View when and where the applicant has previously applied.

View Removed Answers

See references, employers, etc. the applicant removed before applying.

View Supplied Answers

View answers the applicant gave to other agencies when they applied.

Change Report History

Detail the history of all PHQ changes regardless of agency.

Track Changes

See what answers applicants changed for any agency.

Update Investigation

Incorporate new data or changed answers into the investigation.

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Social Media Activity

Machine learning and natural language processing analyzes an applicant’s public online and social media presence for indicators of problematic behaviors and delivers insights to help better evaluate suitability.

Search Image & Text

Automatically search images and textual posts for specific keywords.

Global Languages

Read images and text in any non-Asian character based language.

Tech + People

A blend of technology and people to ensure accuracy of report findings.

24-Hour Turnaround

Guaranteed reports in 24 hours, with an average turnaround of 3-4 hours.

Machine Learning

Machine learning and AI can spot thousands of job-relevant behaviors.

Accurate Reports

Online reports that are 99.98% accurate (FCRA & EEOC compliant).

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Tracking Emotional State

ETC is a proprietary system that reduces risk by monitoring, assessing, and alerting undesirable behavior in a real-time organizational climate using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence with high effectiveness.

It analyzes facial micro-expressions and voice tones, strength, vibration, and ranges, regardless of context or language. You have the ability to extract emotions every four-hundredths of a second. With the support of “Big Data” technology, it is stored so that it can be segmented, and correlated. 

Reduce Force Turnover

When dealing with the issue of force conservation, already undergoing the process of personnel search, hiring, and training. Mergers and Acquisitions and the hiring of highly experienced foreign personnel and at a lower cost. Another aspect that adds to the phenomenon of high turnover.

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Secure & Compliant Services

Utilizing the advanced security protection offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud while complying with the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) standard.

AWS GovCloud

Hosted and secured on Amazon Web Services (AWS GovCloud US).

CJIS Compliant

Guardian complies with the FBI CJIS Security Policy.

No IT Requirements

No setup fee. Nothing to install. No equipment to purchase.

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