Staffing Tools

Video Interviewing

Enhanced strategies around working the way your clients are working, remotely on their own schedules. Video candidate interviews with approval routing for teams that are dispersed.

Bi Directional Conversational AI SMS Texting

Rather than expect people to answer a cold call or wait days for an email response, real-time communication combines conversational text messaging, cloud-voice service and personalized automation to help you connect with people in real time

Data Flow Migration

Data Migration strategy to enhance your ATS and CRM for quicker job req's and account management.

The integration framework helps you to integrate job requisitions data with decision makers into your ATS. The framework includes predefined content that enables integration with a number of business contact sources.

Integration framework overview

The integration framework helps you to integrate application data with other applications, either within your enterprise or with external systems. The framework includes predefined content that enables integration with a number of business objects, and a tool kit that you can use to extend predefined integration content and to develop new integration points.

Enabling data export and import

Before using the integration framework to exchange data with an external application, you must configure the components required for inbound and outbound communication. These procedures describe the minimum configuration steps required in order to validate that you can export data to a file and import data from a file.

Integration components

Depending on the scope and requirements of your implementation, you can create new components or copy, modify, or extend the predefined components.

Integration data processing

You can configure integration components in different ways to meet your integration requirements. You can integrate with multiple external applications, and each application requires a different integration approach that is based on the integration support that is provided by that application.

Configuring the integration framework

Setting up the integration URL's include configuring related system properties,

Exporting and importing file-based data

The integration administrator can initiate export and import data from within the External Systems application to support, for example, integrating data using files. The import process includes the ability to preview a data load from a file to validate the data prior to saving it to the database. The import process also includes an option to manage errors that result from file loading in the same file format as the imported file