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What is Ignite-AI?

Let us introduce you to some of the artificial intelligence technologies,

framework applications, and process improvement templates
that make Ignite-AI what it is today.

Who are we?

At Ignite-AI, we help organizations get the lay of the land when it comes to artificial intelligence and other cutting edge technologies. We provide evaluation of data streams, identify processes and bottlenecks, assess current IT staff and ERP Systems platform priorities, policies, and AI platform integration readiness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to open up a world of new possibilities for your business. We believe it is our purpose to help build a better tomorrow through the application of technology and our team is dedicated to that task.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is simple. Provide the best technology and customer service on the planet. Nothing less will do.

What do we provide?

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Better Solutions

Our vision is to create a solution strategy where diverse teams get jobs done faster and attract the most qualified skilled by eliminating

mismatched skill sets.

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Industry Depth & Clarity

Our team is here to provide the power of expertise and insight gained from decades of industry experience. We provide the right fit, every time to meet your needs.

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Flexible Options

Not every client fits perfectly into a specific solution. We focus on providing flexible technology solutions with payment options tailored to your needs.

Our Purpose

Ignite-AI was purpose-built to address the inefficiencies that plague the business processes through instant connection, meaningful interaction and ongoing advocacy—all leveraging AI for tomorrow's industry.

Find your solution.
Contact Us:

PMB# 123

13395 Voyager Parkway #130, Colorado Springs, CO 80921  |  Tel: 720-436-2152

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