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Key Executive Digital Protection & Privacy

Ignite-AI is proud to partner with BlackCloak, an award-winning digital privacy and personal cybersecurity solution. BlackCloak empowers you to protect your executives' and VIPs' personal digital lives. 

Extend corporate security by protecting the personal digital lives of company leaders with access to finances, confidential information, and proprietary data. BlackCloak uses a holistic security solution combining software and services for digital protection.

Our Digital Executive Protection Partner

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BlackCloak Is Your Digital Executive Protection Solution

BlackCloak helps protect organizations from cyber risks originating in executives’ personal digital lives, while also protecting the executive and their family from targeted cyberattacks, fraud, identity theft, reputation damage, physical threats, and other damages and disruptions.

BlackCloak will provide you with white-glove client service via email and phone-based customer support. Here are some of the key services that BlackCloak offers...

Key Capabilities

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Data Broker


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Deep/Dark Web


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Identity Theft


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Device Privacy


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Endpoint Detection/


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Home Penetration


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Dual Factor Authentication

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Encrypted Password


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Key Benefits

BlackCloak provides you with key benefits, such as:

  • Preventing lateral attacks

  • Stopping data leaks and data theft

  • Reducing your attack surface

  • Protecting corporate and executive reputation

  • Protecting the integrity of your communications

  • Reducing undue burden on your security team.

If you would like to learn more about how BlackCloak can help your organization or to schedule a tour of the product, please call or text us at 720-436-2152 or email

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13395 Voyager Parkway #130, Colorado Springs, CO 80921  |  Tel: 720-436-2152

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