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Organizational Paradigm Shift

Preparing your organization for an AI-driven future involves:

  • Developing a robust AI strategy

  • Fostering cultural shifts

  • Nurturing AI talent

  • Promoting cross-departmental collaboration


Embracing AI and implementing these organizational changes can position your business for long-term success in the future landscape.

We will examine the key aspects of preparing your organization for AI adoption, with a focus on creating a data-driven culture, nurturing AI talent, and fostering collaboration. This will ensure your organization is primed to harness the full power of AI technologies.

Creating a Data-Driven Culture

Cultivating a data-driven culture is essential for organizations looking to embrace AI and stay ahead in the competitive landscape. A data-driven culture is one in which decisions are made based on data science and analytics, rather than relying on intuition or guesswork.

To establish a data-driven culture within your organization, it is crucial to invest in data literacy, foster a data-driven mindset, and provide access to data-driven tools and technologies. By creating an environment where employees feel comfortable discussing and experimenting with AI, your organization can fully leverage the power of AI technologies and make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Developing AI Talent

Attracting and nurturing AI talent is crucial for the long-term success of your AI strategy. AI talent encompasses individuals who possess the requisite abilities and knowledge to work with artificial intelligence technologies, such as:

  • Data architects

  • Data engineers

  • Data scientists

  • Machine learning engineers

  • Product managers

In order to attract and cultivate AI talent, organizations can provide competitive salaries, offer educational and professional development opportunities, and foster a culture that embraces innovation and collaboration. By investing in AI talent development, your organization can ensure that it has the necessary skills and expertise to effectively implement AI technologies and drive business success.


Fostering Collaboration

Cross-functional collaboration is fundamental for successful AI initiatives, as it enables the exchange of ideas, resources, and knowledge between various teams and departments. By facilitating collaboration, your organization can effectively leverage the expertise of different stakeholders to develop and implement a comprehensive AI strategy.

To encourage collaboration, it is essential to:

  • Establish a shared vision

  • Define goals and objectives

  • Allocate resources and support

  • Promote open communication

  • Recognize and reward team members for their efforts

By fostering a collaborative environment, your organization can fully harness the power of AI and new technologies, driving innovation and long-term success.

Generative AI Bootcamp Workshop

Getting started with AI? Grab time with Ignite-ai....

We worked with multiple companies on their AI strategy and work with platform implementation engagements.

GenAI Bootcamp Workshop

The advent of Generative AI technology, including LLM/GPT-4 models, is revolutionizing the world as we know it.

It's crucial for organizations to fully comprehend and implement this technology daily, or they risk falling behind their competitors who do.

We offer a half-day or full-day workshop for organizations interested in exploring generative AI for both productivity and product/service development.

We kick off the workshop with an inspiring talk about generative AI – its definition, significance, applications, product development strategies, limitations, and more. This talk is packed with concrete examples.


Following this, we dive into your specific context and brainstorm how this technology can be utilized in your organization and products. Lastly, we pinpoint concrete actions and experiments that you can immediately implement.

The difference between the half-day and full-day workshops is that the latter allows more time to delve deeper into your context and address your questions.

Pricing for onsite (Colorado):

  • $5200 (half day)

  • $8900 (full day)

Pricing for remote:

  • $4700 (half day)

  • $7600 (full day)


LLM Bootcamp 

This is an intensive full day workshop focused on rapidly ramping up your team's ability to leverage large language models like OpenAI GPT-4 and others for content creation, product prototyping, workflow automation, and more.

Get real-world insight into performance, common pitfalls, and how to build an AI strategy that creates a moat for your business.

What you get:

  • Intro to LLMs for an Engineering, Designer, and Product Manager audience

  • Deep dive into LLM Ops for production apps

  • Hands-on AI Design Sprint for validating ideas and creating real prototypes

We cover both the practical application and the design principles behind responsible and effective AI. The workshop includes a micro design sprint where participants form small teams to rapidly ideate and prototype an AI concept relevant to your business.

Price: $14,970


AUA (Ask US Anything) Remote Session

Typical topics include the practical application of generative AI, questions about work, team coaching/mentoring, discussions about product strategy, growth and data analysis, product design, 

We can discuss anything on your mind. Price: $300 for one hour, or $450 for two hours.

Prerecorded Remote Talk Followed by Q&A / Discussion

There are two options for this.

Live Intro and Q&A
We will do a short live introduction, stream the talk to everyone, then stay around for up to 1 hour of Q&A or discussions. Price: $5790.

Q&A Only
Alternatively, you can stream the talk yourself, or ask attendees to watch it in advance. Then I'll join for a Q&A. This is equivalent to an AMA session ($2390 per hour or $3470 for two hours).


Live Remote Talk Followed by Q&A / Discussion


The session length is up to 2 hours (includes presentation and Q&A). This includes a prep meeting to discuss your context. Price: $7970

Live Onsite Talk Followed by Q&A / Discussion

This includes up to half a day of Q&A, discussion, or workshops, as well as a prep meeting to discuss your context. Price:

  • $8900 (Colorado)

  • $11700 (US outside Colorado)

  • $14900 (outside US)

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