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People Analytics

People analytics is an essential tool for businesses to drive better outcomes involving their employees. Ignite-AI is proud to partner with Erudit, whose people analytics software has been trained by psychologists, data scientists, and machine learning engineers to give you the best organic, real-time people data.

Truly listen to your people and take action based on their needs – no survey required! Save everyone the time and hassle while staying in tune with the pulse of your workforce.

Our People Analytics Partner

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Erudit Is Your People Analytics Solution

Erudit provides an AI-powered people analytics solution that empowers data-driven leadership, without wasting time and effort on employee surveys. Erudit analyzes the communication tools your company is already using to provide organic, representative real-time data from your employees.

We understand the importance of anonymity. That's why Erudit's AI removes bias and anonymizes communications data in order to produce objective insights to your support teams. Erudit goes beyond legal compliance and designs their technology to prioritize and protect employees.

Erudit is like a thermometer allowing us to see how our company is doing, how people in our company are doing, and what people are not saying. These metrics can help us make decisions early, before it’s too late.

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Leave Surveys Behind

Get the insights of traditional employee surveys, and more, without running a poll. Trained by psychologists, data scientists, and machine learning engineers, Erudit's AI provides updated and anonymized people analytics based on organic, real-time data. Get all the analytics you need to improve employee experience.

Make the most of the communication data that's already at your fingertips. Trade in costly and questionable survey data for reliable and updated insights so you can make better, data-driven decisions.

Get Actionable Analytics

Design your corporate initiatives and calibrate leadership styles based on organic communications and true sentiment. Visualize how events are affecting employees, and discover the topics affecting each team. For example, what issues contributed to a spike in burnout risk for a specific department? Simply check Erudit's anonymized topics to find out!

Get data for both decision-making and assessing your impact through a monthly customized report analyzed by Erudit's team of psychologists.

Build Understanding and Empathy

Every workforce and each team is unique. Erudit deepens your understanding of each department so you can provide appropriate support. Find out the "why's" behind the stressors affecting your people. Going the extra mile to ensure anonymity and reduce bias, Erudit empowers you to build the work culture of your dreams!

If you would like to learn more about how Erudit can help your organization or to schedule a tour of the product, please call or text us at 720-436-2152 or email

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